Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spotlight Sunday at Kraft Outlet

On Sundays here at The Kraft Journal we share news and feature products available for sale at Kraft Outlet and this Sunday we are excited to tell you that Babette (Owner and Operator of Kraft Outlet) has recently added "Odds and Ends" as a new category to the store. 

This category of shopping at Kraft Outlet will feature unique (limited quantity) finds for your papercraft projects. Because the products are unique (one-of-kind or special products found by Babette especially for you!) they will be listed only until they are out of stock and the list of available products will change as new items are added to the Odds and Ends list.

Featured in the store under this category today are vintage dictionary pages. Sold in lots of 10 sheets for $2.00, these vintage dictionary pages are removed from a World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary and are a perfect way to add interest to your scrapbooking, stamping or craft projects.

Thank you so much for stopping by The Kraft Journal, Kraft Outlet's official blog and don't forget to stop by again tomorrow for our Designer reveal featuring products from Kraft Outlet and a new challenge for you as well!

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  1. Good morning ladies ! And thank you kindly for your award this week, I will certainly post it on my blog ! I just received those dictionary pages yesterday, and am very excited to use them.


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