Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday with Tracy MacDonald: Gift Box Tutorial

Hi!  It's Tracy and it's tutorial time so this go around I'm going to show you how to create a cute little gift  box.  I'll give you a link to where I got this idea at the end of the tute.

This first picture shows you the pattern you need to make the box.  You'll need to cut two (2) of these.  The dotted lines need to be scored and the solid lines need to be cut.  I used Brown Kraft Cover Weight cardstock from Kraft Outlet.
Here's what each piece should like like after the scoring and cutting.
Flip your pattern up side down and place a mark at the 1 1/2" point on each of the 2" x 3" panels.
You'll want to score all four panels from that center point to the scored edge as seen in the photo below.
Before scoring these panels, use a decorative corner punch on the outer edges.  I also used my Crop-a-dile to punch holes on either side of the scored point.  Ribbon will be threaded through these later.

We're now ready to attach the two pattern pieces together.  They need to be facing the same direction with the small attachment flap on the right.  Butt the straight edge of one panel up against the scored edge of the flap and use strong adhesive to attach the two together.
This is what the two attached panels should look like once they've been connected and had designer paper and mats added.  This is the inside of the card.  Make sure you DO NOT glue down the last panel on the left completely.  You will need to tuck the other connecting flap under the matting before it gets glued down.  I've also added the mats and DP to the front side of the box at this point.

Time to start folding the box up.  The bottom square on the left in the photo above will be the bottom of your box.  The triangle next to it will be glued on top of that panel.  The next square panel will be the bottom inside of your box.  Place strong adhesive on it and fold it up out of the way.  For the last triangle section place strong adhesive along ALL the edges so that the bottom square will be fully attached.  Once you have all these glued together you can remove the adhesive covering from your last small flap on the side, adhere it and add some adhesive to the other half of the decorative mat.  Taking your time to line the edges up will go a long way to making your box an even square.
You can add a decorative bottom to your box also.  I cut a square measuring just under 3 3/4", used the corner punch on it also and trimmed in between the punches as shown on the bottom where the X-acto knife is.
Here's what the box looks like opened up with some 7 Gypsies Savannah seam binding seam binding threaded through the flaps.
And here's what it looks like closed up.  I added a little Scalloped Grungy Prim Tag with the word love stamped on it and a Spellbinder Fleur De Lis medallion I cut in half.
Hope you liked the project.  You can definitely resize this up to about a 4" x 4" box if you used 12" x 12" paper.  I almost hate to give you the link for where I got this idea from because her project is just gorgeous and a lot more elaborate than mine.  :-)  I can always count on her for lots of inspiration--Marianne's  Papirverden.  She doesn't give any directions so this is strictly my trial and error instructions.
Hope to see you for the challenge this week!


  1. Super sweet, love all the Kraft swirls and flourishes!

  2. Totally gorgeous!!! Thanks for the great tutorial!


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