Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday with Dorcas: Coloring Red Hair on Kraft Tutorial

Hi Everyone, Dorcas here. :)

So today I would like to show you how I color red hair on Kraft cardstock using Prismacolor pencils.
I have written the steps on the actual pictures so you don't get mixed up. :)

To start of with, a word about Kraft. Make sure you are coloring on the correct side! Kraft almost always has a "right" side and a "wrong" side. If you hold it up to the light, the "wrong" side will have vague lines or what appears to be oil spots. Don't use this side. Some Kraft, like the Lunchbag kraft cardstock has no apparent difference. But there is still a right and a wrong side.To find it, test each side with a few strokes of colored pencil. One side will have more tooth while the other won't hold as much pigment.For pencils you always want the side with the most tooth. Ideally, It should feel like suede.

OK! We're ready to start!

Step 1)
Lay down a layer of Terracotta in the shadows of the hair.

Step 2)
Lay down Pumpkin Orange on top of the terracotta and work inwards. 
We're only doing light layers.
Step 3)
Continue with Mineral Orange

Step 4) 
Add Nectar
Step 5) 
Use Peach in the highlights.

Step 6) 
Now add a touch of cream to the highlighted areas.

You might think we're done but we're not.

Step 7) 
Work your way back down the color range  to terracotta, using all the colors you've used so far, blending as you do so.

Step 8)
Now its time to really work the shadows. Add Dark Brown in the deepest shadows, then add a few touches of Poppy Red scattered throughout.

Step 9)
A bit more dark brown in the shadows and some cream to highlight the lightest areas.

And the last picture you see all the colors used and finished result.

Hope you had fun!


  1. Wow impressive! Amazing how many colors you actually have to use just to get rd. thank you =)

  2. Thank you for such a great tutorial. I SO want to try this!

  3. Wonderful tutorial! I've secretly been practicing coloring on kraft, thanks for all the tips!


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