Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday with Tracy: Make a Basket Weave Panel

Hi!  Tracy here and it's my turn again to do a tutorial for The Kraft Journal.  I'm going to show you how to make a basket weave panel I used for a card I posted last week on my blog.  You can find it here with all the details.  

I've used some Light Kraft Cover Weight cardstock and chipboad to create the panel.  You'll also need a ruler and  X-acto knife or some type of cutter and some distress ink.

For the panel I made, I cut 1/4" strips from the cardstock.

I also cut a panel of chipboard 1 1/2" wide by 5" long.  Using my glass cutting mat, I lined the strips up on the grid, adding strips for a total of 2" which I taped down with scotch tape.  This photo shows the first strip woven in already.

Continue weaving in your strips until you have an extra one at each end totally 5 1/2".

Try to butt the strips up against each other as closely as possible for a tight weave.

You'll notice this photo looks different.  I had forgotten that I wanted to use some distress inks on the strips to get a multi-colored weave effect so I pulled the strips I'd already weaved out, inked them and started over.  You could do this with different colored cardstock pieces for a different look.

Once I had the pieces weaved to the 5 1/2" length, I flipped the piece over (still taped down) and glued my chipboard piece to the back lining it up with the strips so that each side had one strip extra hanging off.

Once the glue was dried I could remove the extra strips and trim the long ends down.

I then added some double sided adhesive to the back side and began folding the strip ends over.

Once everything was folded over and secured down the piece looked like this.

Here's the card I made with it.

I wish more of the color variation was showing, but I'll know better next time.  Hope you'll give this a try. Happy crafting and remember there is still time to join our current challenge, for more information follow the link to our challenge located in the upper right corner of our blog!


  1. Amazing tutorial. I must admit I did this once on a larger scale for a Scrapbook Layout (it took forever and on occasions I got it wrong) but I loved the finished effect, thank you, must have a go at using it in a card. Debbiex

  2. Beautiful card- love your woven panel and your coloring is fabulous!!!

  3. What a great idea to use DI to get variations on color.

  4. Love this! What an awesome way to add unique dimension to any project. Thanks so much for an excellent tutorial!


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