Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday with Dorcas: Coloring a Metal Effect" on Kraft Tutorial

Hi Everyone! Dorcas here with a new coloring tutorial for you. :)  I thought you might enjoy playing around with achieving a "metal effect" on kraft cardstcock,so to get started find an image with a chunk of metal you can work on and get some kraft paper to print it out .

I am here using prismacolor pencils in this demonstration but you could use other brands just keep in mind that the names on the pencils will be different. And just a FYI : for metal we would generally use cool grays as opposed to warm (or brownish) grays.
OK! So I've written the steps on the photos below. Have fun!

When you go onto step 2, blend the 70% onto the 90% .You will go over the first layer somewhat and outwards. Just try not to "drown out" the first, darkest layer.

Really we're just taking one full color range of grays and working our way from darkest to lightest. 

I just love how the colors start merging now. Its really starting to look like shiny stainless steel.

Ah! I love this! Can you see it coming together? I can almost hear the clang!

OK, so now we're going to grab some of our previously used pencils to blend it out a bit. We don't want any "color transition" streaking.

And reinforcing the darker colors (below)...

Add a few punches of detail....

And the hardest part: knowing when to stop!

I hope you had fun! 


  1. I thought you'd be using metallic pencils, but alas, you worked your magic with greys. Cool!

  2. Love the tutorial..thks for sharing


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