Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday with Jan: Making Cards for Men Segment 2

Hi !  Jan again this month as we continue to explore making cards for men.  

Fonts – chose an easy to read, print font.  Cursive fonts, unless very simple, are too “fancy” – just ask him !

Paper – Graphic 45 has the most fabulous paper for men, and you will usually find it on the “B” side.  A good decision maker for you is, does this look like a formal tie ?  If it does, it will work for a more formal type card.  On the other hand, does it look like a flannel shirt ?  If so, it would probably be a great choice for a more casual card.  If you have or find paper that reflects his hobbies or interests, it will be manly already.  

Ribbon – a dark formal type ribbon could be used but skip the bow !  You may try a knot in the middle, or the two ends tied in a knot, or just add a simple ribbon across the card either direction.  You can however use a small bow if you are using hemp or jewelry cording, think of shoe lace bows.

Distressing – if your guy is like mine, he has some old blue jeans he lives in.  Coredinations offers a huge choice in colors, and cores of different colors.  Kraft and brown always show up as a distressed choice for men - think of worn wallets, pockets, belts, driving gloves and Hush Puppies.

Stamps & Digitals – you really don’t have to look too hard to find stamps and digital images for men.  Again, stay with a simple font for your sentiment.  Skip the cutsey animals and children, and botanicals, unless you are looking at a good sturdy tree.  You won’t have difficulties if you stick with the same ideas that you see in men’s advertising – sports and the outdoors, if he truly likes those things already.

Here is a Halloween card for a guy – note the distressing, the striped “tie” paper, the worn wallet paper framing the skeletal image, the skull & crossbones design paper, the “sports” ticket, and the simple sentiment font. From last month’s tutorial, I worked from a straight foreward sketch, with sharp right angles. I also used some recycled packaging and an old shower scrubbie to evoke more of a “used and comfortable” feeling, and to add some texture.

Stop by my blog, chai tea ‘n me, for more information about the Kraft Outlet products used here.

Next month we will conclude this mini-series with a raft of fun embellishments for guys !  See you then !

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