Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday with Tammy: Vintage Home Decor Pumpkin

It's Tammy, and I have a little home decor tutorial using The Kraft Outlet Vintage Dictionary Pages to cover craft store pumpkins. I first saw these in a store in Williamsburg, Virginia this summer in a gift shop going for $14.00 to $25.00 depending on the size.

First let's gather some supplies:
* Craft Store Pumpkin
* Decoupage Finish (Such as Modge Podge or Royal Coat)
* Foam or Paint Brush
Vintage Dictionary Pages
* Cream or Off White Paint (Not Pictured)
* Brown Paint (Not Pictured)

First, I gave the pumpkin a coat of primer of cream paint (nothing neat) and let dry for about an hour. I did this so the orange would not show through. I also used brown paint for the stem. Personally, I didn't like the funky color that came with the pumpkin.

While the primer coat was drying, I cut various lengths of the Vintage Dictionary Pages to have ready.

I started adding the Royal Coat to the pumpkin.
I slowly started adding the Vintage Dictionary Pages to the pumpkin being sure to constantly press in and rub the pages down.
Continue adding pages until your whole pumpkin is covered. Don't worry about the size of the pieces. This gives your pumpkin character. Just be sure you keep pressing and smoothing as you go. It will be messy, just allow yourself to be a "kid" again! :-))))

Once your pumpkin has dried you can embellish it with some leaves if you wish. I added a Memo pin at the base of the stem and I stamped Autumn in Pumpkin ink over a wheat stalk image on a grungy tag and placed it inside the Memo pin.
Here's the finished Vintage Pumpkin. Remember how, I mentioned seeing these in a gift shop? Those pumpkins had no leaves, no memory pin, no tag, no extra embellishments and they were charging a pretty penny. There are many possibilities. 
I hope you will stop by the The Kraft Outlet and pick up some Vintage Dictionary Pages and embellishments to make some fall pumpkins to decorate your home.



  1. LOOKS GREAT! I love these types of projects...TFS!

  2. Fabulous project! The would work with the paper ones, too. I've seen those in craft stores. Thanks for the inspiration.


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