Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday with Jan: Cards for Men Series

Hi Everyone !  Jan here again with our last installment on Cards for Men.

Probably the hardest thing about cards for men is adding an embellishment.  I have several jewelry bead organizers I use just for metal type embellishments.  Metal is inevitably thought of as manly, isn't it !  You have a few metal things around your craft space - sort them separately and you will find you already have some good stuff.

Metal keys, buttons, brads, beads, and jewelry findings take up this space.

Tim Holtz buys are a natural.

A broken watch, and game pieces fit right in.  The dominos are threaded for use as beads -  or you can attach them with glue.

If all else fails, hit the garage for these goodies.  Several of these would make a great stop on an easel card.  Note I added a little bit of script (from the Kraft Outlet's dictionary pages) to the washer.  The little green clamp was less than 50 cents.  The screws you see here are actually brads !

Here are a tag and a card with tag showing how I used some of these in practice.

Note the wire and metal beads at the top.  This was for a steampunk challenge, but works for a man too.

I hope you have enjoyed this series of Cards for Men, and picked up a few tips !  Next month I will be back with a tutorial on making a light box for your photos out of almost nothing.  Have a great week !!

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  1. I love this post. Great ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.


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