Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday with Karen: Gift Card Holder/Ornament

Design Team Member, Karen Letchworth is here to show us how to make a cute little gift card holder/ornament using the Small Kraft Pillow Boxes.  These cute little Pillow Boxes can be decorated several different ways, but today we are making an Owl.  This idea is especially fun because you can hang it on your Christmas tree before Christmas, tuck a gift card inside for gift-giving time, and still save and use it again as an ornament or room decoration (especially for someone who likes owls).
Here are the items you will need for this simple little project.  Besides your Small Kraft Pillow Box, you will need to cut these shapes shown below:
Several small circles from patterned paper (for the "feathers"), two larger round circles from solid colored paper for outer eyes, two smaller circles for the eye centers (Karen used Lunch Bag Kraft Cardstock), two "wings" cut from matching solid paper, one heart punch (for the "feet"), and some gems or "googly eyes" for the centers of your owl's eyes.
Step #1 - Put your Pillow box together, and then starting about half-way down the box, start attaching the small circles (the owl's "feathers") as well as the heart (turned upside down for his "feet") as shown here:

Step #2 - Attach the owl's wings (which you've cut from matching cardstock) to the sides of the owl as shown here:
Step #3 - Place the smaller circle (cut from Lunch Bag Kraft Cardstock) inside the larger circle (which you cut from solid colored paper) and glue them together.  Then add a "googly eye" or in this case, a gem for the "eye ball", and glue them to the top of the owl.  Make sure you attach them low enough to leave the corners of the pillow box showing because, after all, those are the owl's "ears".  At this point, your owl is pretty much done, and should look something like this:
Step #4 - Take a length of Black Baker's Twine and attach a small loop to the top of the owl so that you create an ornament that can be hung on the tree, or displayed in your home throughout the year.  It will look something like this:
These sweet little Kraft Pillow Boxes come in various sizes at The Kraft Outlet so that you could actually make a whole family of owls.  How cute would that be?  And don't forget.......there's still time to enter this week's challenge.  Just scroll down to enter.  Have fun creating, and thanks for stopping by The Kraft Journal!   


  1. The owl is fabulous thanks for the tutorial. Caroline xxx

  2. What a cute and clever idea! Thanks for sharing your creation and the tutorial as well! Enjoy your week!


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