Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Watch Us Wednesday with Karen: Flower Fluff

Making Your Own "Flower Fluff"
Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Design Team Member, Karen Letchworth, here today with a super easy and afforable way to make your own "Flower Fluff" for adding dimension to your cards and projects.  First and foremost, let me say that this is NOT meant to be the same as the similar and very wonderful and popular product you're all thinking of.  But this IS an inexpensive alternative.  It's just idea for trying at home, and it costs less than one dollar to make!  How great is that?
What You Will Need:
One package of styrofoam balls or pieces (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
Re-Inkers, Glimmer Mist, or Food Coloring
A popsicle stick, pencil, or Bone Folder Tool
Plastic Baggies
Tacky Glue
Dollar Tree Styrofoam
Step 1.  Rub Styrofoam together until you create the amount of powder you'd like.
Step 2:  At this point, you have workable "Flower Fluff" that can be used as is for "White Flower Fluff" - great for snow, and lovely with a little bit of white shimmery glitter mixed in.
Step 3:  For colored "Flower Fluff", simply take the color you'd like to achieve and put 4-5 drops of this color onto a plastic bag, and work it around with your popsicle stick, pencil, or Bone Folder Tool.
Step 4:  Bag up/store your "Flower Fluff" either in the baggies or other little containers of your choosing.  For the project I will share below, I mixed some of the green, red, and white together for the flowers I created.  I also used the green for the grass.
Step 5:  Simply add a few dots of Tacky Glue and start sprinkling on your "Flower Fluff".  You will see a dimensional effect that looks like grass, flowers, snow, or whatever look you're going for.  That's about it!  Very inexpensive and simple.  Like I said, I am NOT claiming that this is the same as the more popular product, but it is an alternative.  Here is my finished card made with a Paper Bag Kraft Notecard.
Again, you will see how I used the green (shown above) for the grass look, and the red, green and white mixed to create the flowers in the bicycle basket.  Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you will grab some awesome products at The Kraft Outlet and join us in this week's challenge!


  1. awesome tutorial Karen!
    Gorgeous card creation!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Karen, I will be sure to try this out:)

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.

  3. thanks very much for shearing i hope it works


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