Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watch Us Wednesday with Karen: Bird's Nest from Vintage Paper

Welcome back to another edition of Watch Me Wednesday here at The Kraft Journal.  I'm going to share a tutorial with you for a cute little Bird's Nest made from the darling Vintage Dictionary Pages available at The Kraft Outlet.  The first thing you will need is some Vintage Dictionary Pages.
You can either cut them into strips, or you can do what I did and run them through your household paper shredder.  In addition to the Vintage Dictionary Pages, you will need a small felt (or cardboard) circle and a hot glue gun (or some other tacky glue).
The next step involves taking a few strips at a time, and just rolling them around your fingers into a circle.  You want the size of the circle you're rolling to match up with the approximate size of the felt circle you have cut.
Don't worry about there being all kinds of loose ends.  We've all seen a bird's nest before, and they're never perfect.  I've learned that there is no "right way" to make this project.  Just have fun with it.  Wrap the strips around your fingers until you have created a nest the size, shape and height that you like.  The bigger your circle, the bigger the nest will be.  The next step is to cover your circle with some hot glue.
Once you've got your nest the way you like it, you will take it and set it onto the felt circle.  Then, you need to push down the middle of the nest.  This serves two purposes.  It makes the nest stick to your felt circle (securing it), and it also forms the deep part of your nest where the eggs will go.
If you decide that you want your nest any bigger, wider, or taller than it is at this point, you can continue to add strips to it until you have obtained the size you desire.  This is where your creativity comes into play.  As I said, there is no right or wrong here.  Just work with it until you have the nest you like.
As far as the "eggs" go, I have seen this done several different ways.  Some people like to cover their eggs in craft glue and roll them in glitter to match their project.  Others enjoy a variety of different colored eggs.  I chose to use some blue robin's eggs that I bought at the craft store.
That's it, you're finished!  You can either display your Bird's Nest like this, or use it on a project as desired.  The options are endless.  This is just one idea of the many neat things you can do with the Vintage Dictionary Pages.  They're super cute, huh?  I hope you have fun making a little Bird's Nest of your own.  Thanks for stopping by!

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