Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Watch Us Wednesday - Design Tips !

This Wednesday our Design Team is sharing with you some of their personal tips. 

Lynn  - When stamping small, die-cut images keep them on the Cricut mat until you finish stamping.  Just remove the excess paper (the paper around the cut out shapes). That way the small pieces stay in place and are easier to stamp.

- Want to dress up your plain ribbon??  Try stamping on it with different inks, both different colors and/or  different ink pads. Using border stamps make for fun patterns and can really add to the design of your project. Coloring with your copic markers, or any coloring medium you use can turn a plain ribbon into a perfectly matching ribbon.

Karen - Next time you're at the liquor store, kindly ask the employee for some extra wine bags.  The bags that are made for wine bottles are long and skinny and, once folded over, they make amazing paper bag albums.   You can also get the little bags from the candy display in your local grocery store (ours is a Brach's caddy), and their bags are also darling for making paper bag albums.  For an example of how cute these Kraft paper bag albums are, please stop by Karen's Blog, My Cup Runneth Over, to see a few samples.

Kristi - Got wrinkly ribbon? Or maybe some scrunched seam binding that you want to un-scrunch? A quick and easy way to flatten it out is to use your flat iron . Flat irons usually heat up really fast and are probably sitting out on your bathroom counter anyway, just make sure you start on low heat and watch your fingers!

 Jan - Ever wonder how to use the hundreds of cards you have made ?  Here are 3 ideas ...  Give them away to random people you meet,  ask a waitress or shopkeeper to pass them along to their customers, or (girlfriend party favor! ) let your girlfriends pick and choose for their own use.  I have tried all three, and what a hit !

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