Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Watch Us Wednesdays - Debbie's craft room !

A day in the life of a crafter!

Hello crafty friends!  I was delighted when Babette and Jan invited me to share a little bit of my craft space with The Kraft Journal readers!  I {puffy heart} my crafty space ... it is so 'me'!  It's decorated with things that I love and that make me smile!   It has a combination of antique furniture collected through my travels and antiquing adventures along with some new items -- made to look old -- and lots of pink and frills!  It's right up my shabby little alley!  I hope sharing these pictures of my space inspires you to do something fun with your craft space this week!
We will start the tour as you walk into my room - I took over my sons' old playroom when they moved out to begin college!  You will not find one ounce of anything masculine in my room -- it's 'all girl' in soft pastel tones of baby pink, apple green, soft blue and cornflower yellow!  The paint color on the walls is 'Paris White' from Behr.
This is an antique chest I purchased at the Liberty Antique Show -- a local antique fair that comes to my area twice per year.  My husband and I attend this fabulous show each spring and fall ... and many of the antique pieces in our Victorian home have been purchased at this show!  For a couple years, this piece lived out on the wrap-around porch on my home, but when I took over my sons' playroom, I had more space to fill up, so I moved this piece inside and store cardstock inside the bottom cabinet!

I love this cork bulletin board I found several years back at Home Goods!  I rotate 8 x 12 layouts on it -- usually change them up once per months to highlight the latest spread I have designed!  The 'BLISS' banner is one that I made probably six years ago using Melissa Frances goodies - I LOVE it!

The next 'tiny' stand holds my teeny weeny 9" TV!  A girls gotta have some background noise in the room while she is creating, and this little fella fits the bill perfectly for me!  It doesn't take up any valued real estate in my craft room, but provides company for me when I'm spending all those hours in my space crafting away!  It used to be the 'car ride vacation TV' for my kids to watch DVD movies in the car on trips ... back in the day before they started to offer built-in DVD players in vehicles!  I'm dating myself here ... yes, my oldest son turns 23 years old this fall!
The antique oak dresser was a piece I purchased from an antique show in 1991 when I was expecting my second son!  It lived in his nursery for several years before we purchased his 'big boy' bedroom set and I was able to reclaim this exquisite piece for me!
I have the prettiest baby pink balloon curtains on the double windows that face my backyard which stretches into the woods behind my house.  I really love these curtains ... purchased at Target when I redid this room!  The pretty topper with pops of color on the tab ties was a 'found treasure' from the clearance bin at Bed, Bath & Beyond!  The little white table - another reclaimed piece from my sons' old play room - used to house the aquarium tank for the boys' two pet turtles for many years.  After they left for school, a friend of mine adopted the turtles (that can live for ages!) and I now use this table to hold my sewing machine!  I enjoy machine stitching on most all of my cards and layouts!

The next piece you see on the tour is a white painted chair -- another antique show find!  I have an apple green chair cushion on the seat and a pink chenille baby blanket over the back of the chair!
The white painted 'shutter desk' was something I purchased from the Raleigh Flea Market way back when we lived in our old house -- probably 15 years ago.  When I redid this craft room, it came to live here -- just perfect with it's white painted finish sanded lightly on the edges to give it a time-worn look.  It is a new piece made to look old - love!  Underneath, I have a white painted picnic basket that serves as my die cutting/embossing station.  The top holds my Big Shot machine and inside the basket is where I store all of my steel metal dies!

Next you'll see a white iron daybed.  Another new piece that appears to be old.  We purchased this back in 1996 when we relocated to NC for our guest room and it now lives in my craft room ... which doubles as a guest room when we have company stay at our home.   There is a roll-out trundle underneath that I can pull out to sleep two people in this room!

The metal top table is my FAVORITE piece in the entire room!  I searched for several years to find 'just the right' table/desk to fit in front of the daybed that I could use for my craft tabletop.  I knew I wanted something sturdy, white and with the option to have more space if I needed it.  I found this piece at the Liberty Antique Show several years ago ... it's a 1950's kitchen table with an enamel top and has pull-out side that allow me to expand the desk space from small for just me, or large if I have friends over for a class or an afternoon of girl talk and stamping fun!  LOVE it :)

I have baskets and white boxes on the desk top that hold all of my favorite bits and bobs of treasures used most often on all of my crafty projects!

The tall stand back in the corner is a pine piece that we purchased in 1986 when we were first married!  It has traveled to all of our homes over the past 27 years of marriage and been used for many different applications.  It lived for lots of years in my kitchen as a pie safe and housed kitchen linens.  When I remodeled this room, I white washed it with white paint and it now holds tons of little stamp supplies -- close by and within arms length to grab when needed, but tucked away out of sight to keep the room looking tidy!
I love pillows, throws, stuffed animals ... anything soft and yummy!  All of these mixy-matchy pillows are behind me when I sit on the daybed to design ... and I can lean back and get lost in their yumminess anytime I want to take a break to watch something on my 9" TV ... LOL!!!  The bunny on the far left is one I hand stitched out of chenille bedspread pieces!
And this amazing desk even has a drawer where I store all of my clear acrylic blocks, colored pencils, most used metal dies and such -- easy access all the time!

These wooden shelves are very near and dear to my heart ... they were handmade by my paternal grandfather many years ago.  When I had my sons, they were passed down to me -- painted some horrible color on the inside.  I remember painting them fire engine red when they lived in my oldest son's 'Sesame Street' bedroom when he was a toddler.  Then, when we moved to this house, they were painted dark blue for the boys' play room and used to display Legos, Pokimon, GI Joes, race cars and the like!  When I redid this room, I painted the insides the prettiest shade of apple green and left the original wood showing on the outside.  I filled them up with white wicker baskets and metal tins to hold all my crafty supplies and treasures!

Most of the accessory pieces in the room were Home Goods finds, including these two yummy canvas prints ... they actually have GLITTER on them -- LOVE!!!  I tried to find display pieces that could double to hold more bits and bobs of treasures ... like this clear glass apothecary jar that holds tea-stained hem tape!
And this set of cream ceramic kitchen canisters that hold buttons, flowers and such!

The inside of the closet in my craft room ... neatly organized (for the most part!) with stamps, tools, cardstock and patterned papers.  The pink chart hanging on the door on the left is how I keep organized with the latest challenges out in blog land each week!
Back at the beginning showing an updated picture of how I am using the antique stand these days.  When I started my Paper Sweeties stamp line, I needed somewhere to illustrate my stamps - not to interfere with my craft table space, but nearby so I could be inspired by things in my room.  I also needed it to be in a quiet space and somewhere I could get messy with cords and equipment, drawings and inspiration photos ... and close the door and be able to walk away knowing it was all safely tucked away where nobody would move things around.  So, this is my little Paper Sweeties 'office' these days!
And last, but certainly not least, is the most precious spot in my craft space!  It's a pretty little polka dotted puppy bed that my precious little girl, Hershey, sits in while she keeps mama company in the crafty room!  She's such a good little girl ... she loves pink too :)
Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of my craft and office space!  I would love to hear your comments!  Have a wonderful stampy day, my friends!!


  1. You have a lovely room. The colours are so soft and girly...wonderful job on creating swork areas!

  2. Your room is simply to die for, Debbie!!! Someday I hope to have a whole room instead of being tucked away in a corner of the bedroom! They colors and accents (bins, baskets & jars) are simply yummy and I could totally get lost in there for hours on end...sigh!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  3. Wow why a gorgeous room and so many awesome antique finds! Would love to have a room to craft in!

  4. I enjoyed my visit with you!! I ♥ your posts.

    I just had to "follow" you so not to miss anything! It would make me so happy if you would follow me too. :)

    Have a beautiful week!

    Lots of BIG Hugs,


  5. Deb,
    This room surely is so you. It is a sweet place. Thank you for sharing this wonderful space. Blessings,

  6. What a beautiful space Debbie! Thanks for sharing.


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