Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Watch Us Wednesday

This week our Design Team is back again with more tips for you !!

Jessica - Chipboard pieces can be used for a variety of things, they look great added to scrapbook pages, cards and tags and can be the finishing touch to a project. Don't have the right pattern or color match for your project? Try painting them, covering them with pattern paper and trimming around the edges, or inking them up. You can add texture to them as well by running them through your embossing machine with all the fun embossing folders that are on the market.

Kristi - Want to get a deep,bold result when using your embossing folders on heavy card stock? Just spritz it with a tiny amount of water using a Mini Mister or the like. This technique relaxes the paper fibers and allows the embossing folder to form the paper easier. Your embossing will look deep and crisp!

Karen - Karen loves sharing crafting tips, and loves learning new things as well.  One little tip she likes to share with everyone is to always save your scraps.  Small scraps of paper can always be used in creative ways.  You can piece them together to make a simple card using The Kraft Outlet's Amazing Notecards, use them to decorate a Tiny Wooden Clothespin, or to create a cute Paper Bag Album using one of the Kraft Outlet's many adorable Paper or Product Bags.  There's no end to the possibilities of what you can create when you save your scraps, and use them creatively with   some fun supplies from the Kraft Outlet.

Tammy - To make Baker's Twine or Hemp curly, rub your fingers with some craft glue (Elmer's works), over a length of the twine you want to curl. Wrap the glue around the end of paint brush or a pencil.  Wait for it to harden/dry and slowly pull the twine off the instrument of choice. You now have curly twine.

Thank you ladies !!  Not only are they beautiful, but oh so smart too !!


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