Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Watch Us Wednesdays

Some of our readers have asked us about how we keep our juices flowing !  Here is a rerun of some great ideas to get you motivated !

Hi Everyone !  Jan here this week with some tips.  I often see other bloggers talk about losing their mojo, and that can be something hard to work through.  Here are some tips on jump starting your ideas, and getting yourself back in the flow !
1.  Keep a sketch book.  There are a lot of sketch challenges, and Paper Playful shows the actual sketch each day for many of them.  Don't hesitate to copy a sketch from a card you absolutely LOVE - it is not stealing.

Kraft Outlet's journals
2.  Keep an idea book.  Often I see cute ideas I really want to incorporate in a card someday, and I may sketch that idea, or keep a list.  My list is very long, and includes things like "try different kinds of folds" and "try using wax on a card."

3.  Pour over the papercraft magazines or books you have in your stash.  If you haven't looked at it in a year, you will find something you forgot about, or overlooked.

4.  Try a new technique !  Here at The Kraft Journal, our archives are full of wonderful opportunities for you to learn something new.

5.  Explore some different papercraft blogs.   Design team members on challenges may have something you admire, and will spark an idea.

6.  Pinterest.  If your Pinterest  page doesn't have a papercraft board, it should !!

7.  Go shopping !  Oh, did I even have to say this.  Nothing sparks your imagination like something new to play with, does it.  We have our own shop here at The Kraft Journal,  Kraft Outlet.  Pop on in, and you will surely find something you can't live without !!

8.  Try a really difficult challenge.  Maybe it is a tough sketch, or some odd color combination, an unusual photo or theme.  It sounds as if this would be at odds with your missing mojo, but when we stretch our imaginations something new often comes with it !

9.  Sit down with your paper, and set a deadline.  Try 10 or 15 minutes.  If nothing comes, put it away, and try again later.  If something gets going, you won't want a deadline !

10.  Exercise, take a walk or go for a bike ride.  These are proven methods of clearing your brain, and rejuvenating your soul.

My dad did a lot of crafty things, but he always felt it was so difficult to do something better than the last thing he did.  Sometimes we fall into that trap, worrying too much about the end result, and we wind up paralyzed.  Instead - remember all the joy you have in simply creating !  That is really why we are here in paper craft land, right ??

Stop in and say hello at Jan's blog, chai tea 'n me.

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