Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Watch Us Wednesday

Hi Everyone !  Jan here today to talk about sewing  !!

I personally LOVE love love the sewing look on my cards, and do it fairly often.
It adds texture and depth, making your card look more finished and polished.  When I first began sewing on cards, I couldn't find any guidelines, and was so tentative and nervous.  The cards turned out looking ok, but as time went on, and I became more experienced, sewing added a whole new feature.

My husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas one year, and I have only used it on my cards.  Here are some tips that may help you.

* If you use your machine for sewing also, dedicate one needle to your cards, so as not to dull other needles. 

* I generally start my stitching somewhere least noticeable.   Often times the sketch you use will have an edge covering the stitching - use that to your advantage.

* If you are using a random straight stitch, try drawing it out first on your paper with a white pencil.  You will find it quite easy to do this without a line in just a couple of tries.

* If you are using the stitches to attach two pieces, you can still use tape, as long as you keep it away from the stitch line.  Otherwise your needle will pick up the gunk.

* Most often you see straight stitching, or zigzag on paper - but you can try any of the stitches your machine offers.  Vary the length of the stitches for a slightly different look.

* No need for a back stitch at the end of your stitching, as your stitches won't be subject to the same wear clothing is.  Turn over your paper, pull the thread on the back, and it will make a little loop with the front stitch.  Pull the thread through to the back and tie a double knot.  Clip the ends.

* I always use white thread, and don't even change my thread when I want a different colored stitch.  A quick swipe of your ink applicator can do that for you, after your stitching is complete.  You will find it gives a nice shaded background too !

* When turning a corner, keep your needle in the paper, and turn it.  You will get a nice even stitch.  On zigzag stitching the corner will look neat and planned if you always finish the side on a consistent stitch, always left, or always right.

* No racing to the finish !! A slow steady process will produce the best result.

Hope this has helped ease your mind a little about the process.  It is never as hard as it looks, and recipients always seem so amazed you put in this (quick and easy) extra step.  Have a lot of fun and experiment !


  1. Wow, Jan! Love the cards! Thanks so much for the tips!

  2. I never thought of always using white thread and then coloring it with a marker -- thanks for sharing your great tips with us today!

  3. Thanks for the tips. Now to dust off the sewing machine and try, try again!


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