Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Watch Us Wednesday!

Hi everyone! It's Kristi here to show you a couple of ways to use washi tape.

Washi tape has been red hot on the paper crafting scene for the last year or two. It's a paper tape printed with a design that tears very easily and sticks to almost anything, making it a versatile item in your crafting stash. Since I am primarily a card maker, I've incorporated washi onto two cards in different ways.
In this traditional floral layered card, I've made my butterflies from washi tapes. I've adhered strips of  the tape to vellum in 2 rows and simply used a butterfly punch to cut them out. If you don't have any vellum, a scrap of card stock would be fine. You may need to add more rows of tape depending upon how big the punch or die you're using is. Another fun idea would be to mix a couple of designs of washi  together to make your own pattern.

For this music themed card, I've laid sheet music printed washi tape in a chevron patterned and made my own patterned paper. I've drawn a pencil line down the center of the card and laid the tape at an angle,meeting in the middle. I've trimmed the tape back away from the pencil line with scissors. The ribbon down the middle hides any imperfections.

I hope I've given you a few ideas on incorporating washi tape on your projects. Any of these techniques could be transferred to other items, such as picture frames and journal covers. How about transforming a button or clothespin as well?

Here is a list of the washi tapes from the Kraft Outlet store I've used today.

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