Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Watch us Wednesday with Audrey Pettit: Fall Decor Tutorial, Lavishly Layered Pumpkin

Hi everyone! Audrey here with a fun fall decor idea for our Watch Us Wednesday Tutorial here at The Kraft Journal. This week's challenge is Lavish Layers, and this little pumpkin is just perfect for it, as it is just that........lots and lots of layers. 10 paper rosette layers, as a matter of fact.

If you have an Archiver's in your area, you may have seen this pumpkin and its accompanying project sheet there. I could not wait to try it out for myself, being the pumpkin lover that I am.

To get started, you will need:
8 (12x12) sheets of solid cardstock or double-sided patterned cardstock for the pumpkin
1 sheet of cardstock or patterned paper for the leaves
1 sheet of Brown Kraft Coverweight Cardstock for the stem
1" circle punch
score board
glue gun

1. Start with the center rosette for the pumpkin. Cut (3) 3.5" x 12" strips and score every 1/2" with a score board.
2. Punch (2) 1" circles. You will need two of these for each layer.
3. Fold the paper strips back and forth like an accordion.

4. Adhere the three paper strips together to create one long piece. The original instructions suggested using Tiny Attacher staples. I used Tacky Glue.
5. Adhere the ends together to make a circle.

6. Push downward on the top edges of the accordion, until it flattens, and then push it together towards the center to create a rosette. Hold in place.
7. Using a glue gun, place hot glue on the center of the rosette and add a 1" circle. Once the glue has set, flip the rosette over and adhere another circle to the other side. Edge the rosette with brown chalk ink. You now have the center for your pumpkin.

8. Repeat these steps using the diagram for the sizes and quantity of strips for each layer working your way down and then towards the top.
9. Once you have adhered all 10 layers, you will have your pumpkin shape.

10. For the stem, cut strips from Brown Kraft Coverweight Cardstock. (The directions call for 12" strips, however 11" strips work equally well.) Cut fringe into each strip of cardstock and edge with brown chalk ink. Apply a thin bead of hot glue using the glue gun along the uncut edge and roll the cardstock into a tight circle. Add the next strip, followed by the third. Adhere stem to the top of the pumpkin using hot glue.

11. Decorate your pumpkin as desired with trim, wire and buttons. I added a bow of Adelaide Seam Binding and Hang Tag String, along with an orange button. Die cut or hand cut leaves from green cardstock or patterned paper. Add curly-q wires for pumpkin vine.

Enjoy and don't forget that you still have until Sunday at 6:00 p.m., Eastern time to enter your "Lavish Layers" project into our current challenge! For more information click on our Current Challenge link located in the upper righthand of our sidebar.


  1. This is so so lovely...THANK YOU so much for sharing this tutorial. This will be a perfect decoration to make with the kids...and I have ideas for Christmas, too, now!!!

  2. This is gorgeous and something I actually think I could make. :)

  3. WHOA!!! That is so gorgeous!!! I'm so inspired!!!

  4. Too cute!!! What a great idea!

  5. Love this!!! I'll be sharing it on the Scor-pal Facebook page this morning. Super cute!

  6. This is a GREAT tutorial!! I'm definitely making one of these!!

  7. As soon as I saw this pumpkin, I knew that I had to give it a go too! Yours looks fabulous! Thanks so much for providing such clear instructions as well.
    (I've just posted my pumpkin on my blog, if you are interested in seeing it.)
    Thanks again!
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