Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Watch Us Wednesday Re-Run: Pyramid Gift Box Tutorial

This month at The Kraft Journal we are re-running some of our favorite tutorials from past and present we have one from Audrey Pettit posted in June of last year, we just know you are gonna love it...

LinkHi everyone! It's Audrey with our next Watch Us Wednesday tutorial here at The Kraft Journal.
Today, I'm going to share with you how to create this simple and fun pyramid gift box, perfect for a wedding favor, or a sweet wrapping for any small gift. Let's get started.

Create the base by cutting PreCut Chipboard into an exact square. Any size will do, as long as it is perfectly square. The Pyramid in my example has a 2.5" x 2.5" base. Create the triangular sides by cutting PreCut Chipboard into 4 identical triangles. The bottom of each triangle must be cut to the same size as the base- in this case, 2.5". TIP: Cut the first triangular piece and use it as a template for the other 3 sides.

Next, cover one side of each piece of cut chipboard with patterned paper. I used two contrasting papers for visual interest.

Then cover the reverse sides of each piece of chipboard with Vintage Dictionary Pages. You can leave the dictionary pieces as is, or sand them like I did to create an aged appearance. Swipe a white ink pad over the dictionary print and around the edges of each piece.

Attach the first triangular piece by hinging it with Symphony Tissue Tape. Trim off any extra tape, if necessary. Once the 4 triangles have been attached, stand them together to form the pyramid. The 4 sides should meet and stand on their own.

Punch a hole into the top of each triangle with an 1/8" hole punch. Thread Victoria Seam Binding through the holes, lacing the ribbon into the first hole, out through the second, and repeat for the third and fourth holes. Pull tight and tie into a bow.

Have fun embellishing your box with trims, flowers, die cuts, stickers, or printed chipboard.

Enjoy and remember there is still plenty of time to enter this week's challenge, get all the details and enter your project by clicking on the Current Challenge link located in the upper right hand of our sidebar.!


  1. Love this so much! Thanks for the inspiration! Def. trying this soon.

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