Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Watch it Wednesday - with Ros Crawford

This week we are so happy to have Ros Crawford here at The Kraft Journal, and does she have some cute cute CUTE birdhouses to share with us !  Most of you are already acquainted with this super talented woman.  Pop over to her blog, Mikey's Mom -  you will be so glad you did !!

4 little birdhouses that hold battery operated candles ... or do they look more like windmills? Mmmm...

These were so easy to make ... I used one of those cardboard tubes they put wrapping paper around as a template ... the candles fitted snuggly inside ... I couldn't punch the hole through the tube so I cut card 
and wrapped it around the tube to get the correct size - then punched a hole in my card and joined the edges

The tops were made using a circle die - cutting a 1/4 of the circle away and folding to make a cone

I had lots of rubons from way back when ... so I used them to decorate - don't be afraid to cut them layer them and mix and match them ... once they are on there they look fine ... you can see I used a few different ones on this

And to show you how I did the candle ... 

I cut a small piece of the tube I used as the template and popped the candle in ... that meant it fitted snuggly inside the birdhouse ... then I punched a circle ... cut a rectangle to enable me to get to the switch and adhered to the base with a little piece of double sided foam tape ... It pulls off easily if I need to change the candle

As a final touch ... I added a pinwheel to each one ... I didn't make these - I bought a whole packet in the 'party' section of a local store for 99p ... where I also bought the mirror for 99p ... just a few strips of washi tape on the frame and we're done!

Thank you so much for sharing with us this week, Ros !!


  1. Aren't these just the cutest!!! Ros is so very talented in every project she her designs and her gorgeous creations!!

  2. Creative & pretty. Like the decor. These would be perfect for party favors.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. Only just noticed this! Thank you so much for featuring me!!


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