Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Watch Us Wednesdays

Hi !  Jan here today with my favorite Kraft Journal project from 2013.

I was antique shopping with my husband, and came upon a cute display with kraft and manila tags for sale, $3 a piece.  The only thing on them was one wee little stamp.  Yikes !  Sticker shock for sure.  Only a couple of days later I saw a kit/display in the current issue of Somerset Living ...  and I combined the two ideas, and this is what I came up with.

I am seeing this as a hands-on piece of art.  I didn't do much to the cute things I already had (yes, hidden in drawers and closets,) I just combined them into this grouping.  In the back, which you can't see well, are blue and cream colored speckled eggs, and a collection of keys.  I am hoping my friends will pull this onto their laps, and find a "treasure."

Here are some postcards, and bingo cards, stamped and distressed.  I punched out the kraft ovals, hand wrote on them, and attached them with some TH clips.  They are meant to be opened, unclipped, or whatever.

I took this right off of a shelf in my craft room.  The glitter is in little teeny vials.

I covered manila tags with washi tape, and wrapped ribbon, lace or fiber around each one.  I nestled these into a heart shaped doily, and placed them in the box.

I included a little kraft book, with lined pages, so my friends could send me "secret" messages.

There are 15 tags here - some are from the Kraft Outlet, some are trying out a new technique or stamp, and some just never found a home.  I have used all sorts of things for tags, but mostly I love using my left over paper.  I attached these (only a small portion of what I have) on a chain, added a couple of TH goodies, and some washers in between.  It was great that they all found this home, and aren't hiding away somewhere.  Maybe some will come off, maybe some new ones will be added.

I ended up pretty happy with this little collection !  I can see changing it out from time to time, so it will always be fluid art.  I buy so many cool and wonderful things - it was time to put them out where someone else could enjoy them too !

Hope you enjoyed my new treasure box !!  (I have added two minibooks to this treasure box since this was published.)

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